Smoky Quartz Crystal


Dee Designed pendant with a Smoky Quartz Crystal set in Sterling Silver. A Charorite inlayed bale accents the artwork.

38.3 grams; 2 1/2″ long.

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Smoky Quartz Crystal Pendant.

Smokey Quartz
Astrological Signs: Capricorn & Sagittarius

The energy of this mineral is especially applicable to the areas of the solar plexus and chakras located in the hands and feet. The Rutilated and dark varieties are quite effective in the activities related to the energy frequencies of the physical and etheric bodies. The energy can penetrate and can subsequently transform negative emotions and negative energy patterns; it tends to penetrate into dissolve energy fields which have been generated from negative thought forms, anger and resentment.
It can be used to gently dissolve negative energies and emotional blockages. It softens negative energy and allows the positive frequencies to enter the realm of affectation. It works to dissolve the resultant formations, effects, disorders, and dis-ease which problem has created. It can be used to relieve barriers, which may exist between the beta and the Alpha state of the mind; hence, if one is worried and desires to set aside the thinking mind and to clear the mental channels, the smoky quartz can facilitate. Smoky Quartz is an excellent grounding stone, enhancing attentiveness to the moment and producing the grounding aspects necessary during the meditative state in order to stimulate higher awareness.
This stone does not astound one with its speed; it is prolonged, yet intense, and gentle, in its action; on the higher levels, such as meditation, simply holding the stone will suffice. It provides for balancing of the yin-yang energy and can be used to facilitate the alignment of the meridians of the physical body with those of the ethereal body. It can also help with the mind balance, energy balance, and for both balancing and attuning the energies required for spiritual development. It also promotes personal pride and joy in living.
Smokey Quartz has been used to regulate creativity in business and to encourage astuteness in purchasing stimulating the unification of energies directed toward the same goal. It works to diffuse communication difficulties and eases mental and emotional blockages.

Astrological Signs: Capricorn & Sagittarius
Chakra: Earth Star, 1st Root, 7th Crown
Ray: 1st Will or Power, 3rd Active Intelligence, 7th Ceremonial Order, 4th Harmony through Conflict, 5th Concrete Science, 6th Idealism/Devotion
Planet: Saturn, Jupiter
Element: Earth
Vibrates to the number: 4


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