Inner Child Quartz Crystal


Inner Child Quartz Crystal with Cubic Zirconia.

Designed by Dee this very clear quartz has an “inner crystal” growing inside the main stone. Very unique with five cubic zirconia accent gemstones. Another Crystal hangs below the main Pendant.

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Measures 2″ X 4″; 42.6 grams

Bridge (aka Inner Child or Penatrator) are spiritually considered to bridge between inner and outer worlds, as well as bridge between oneself and others. Hence, bridge crystals are said help with teaching and public speaking skills, as well as healing old childhood issues. They are used for enhancing spiritual growth, particularly when breaking through old issues that prevent such growth. Bridge crystals are considered excellent crystals for spiritual teachers.

These crystals allow the holder to balance between the inner world and outer, receiving information from one (inner) and sharing it with the other (outer). It also reminds me of our sweet, innocent, Inner child, wrapped closely within the arms of the mother (main crystal) while peeking its head out to face a particular issue and being able to heal that issue in a safe emotional environment.


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