Charoite Aquamarine Labradorite


Charoite Aquamarine Labradorite Multi-Stone Pendant

Designed by Dee and set in Fine German Sterling Silver, this unique Pendant is artistically designed with multiple stones and etched highlights in the silver. 35 grams; 4″ X 1″.

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Charoite Aquamarine Labradorite Multi-Stone Pendant

Designed by Dee and set in Fine German Sterling Silver, this unique Pendant is artistically designed with multiple stones and etched highlights in the silver. 35 grams; 4″ X 1″.

Astrological Signs: Sagittarius & Scorpio, Virgo

Charoite brings synthesis to the heart and crown chakras and combines the higher spiritual dimensions with unconditional love to the physical plane. It allows one to recognize, and to understand those patterns we also see as programming being acted out on the physical plane which are thought to undesirable yet useful.
This mineral provides for moving through negativity without fear of attachment and for clarity of integrating the spiritual self. It can be useful in allowing the auric body to remain free of sticky shadow energy, filling the chakras with a calming spiritual emotion of purity, and in assisting one in understanding that those self-inflicted lessons were there for a reason and now can be released. It enhances ones accepting as well as giving nature, opening the heart to allow one to understand loves real place in connection to all others.
It sustains ones attention span, allows for discrimination between fruitful endeavors and distractions, and helps one to realize that we (the inner self and the outer)determine our course, within this world, and from one world to another.
It assists in the actualization of what is referred to as higher sight and visioning. It aligns the meridians and allows conscious movement through the body, activating the mechanism which expands understanding of the physical self.

Chakra: Earth Star, 1st, Root, 3rd Solar Plexus, 4th Heart, 6th, Third-Eye, 7th Crown, 8thSoul Star
Ray: 5th Concrete Science, 6th Devotion & Idealism, 4th, Harmony through Conflict, 2nd Love-Wisdom
Planet: Mars, Jupiter, Mercury
Element: Wind
Vibrates to the number: 7

Astrological Signs: Gemini, Pisces, and Aries

Aids in seeking one’s own inner spiritual development by allowing higher aspects of those spirit worlds to come forth while holding the emotional and intellectual stable for the experiences which are necessary for greater unfoldment.

It allows one to acquire maturity through intelligent expression and involvement, while not swinging back and forth through the bodies chaotically on a daily basis.

It allows for the energizing of the upper chakras in a measured practical way that allows the lower chakras to understand the calling of the higher road and the long awaited transmutation from receptive to interactive.

It quietly and with a calm assurance guides one to understand responsibility to and for oneself and to others through service from the smallest action to that which changes the course of the greater whole.

Chakras: 4th Heart, 5th Throat
Rays: 2nd Love-Wisdom, 6th Idealism/Devotion, 1st Will or Power
Planets: Mercury, Jupiter, Mars
Element: Water
Vibrates to the number: 1

Astrological Signs: Sagittarius, Scorpio, and Leo
Also known as a Spectrolite

Labradorite often, displays spectral colors, and due to the interference of light rays from the plate like composition, causes Labradorite to flame with broad patches of peacock blue, coppery red or dusty gold Labradorescence.

this mineral protects one’s aura, and helps to keep the aura clear, balanced, protected, and free from energy leaks. It assists in the alignment of the subtle bodies, enhancing the connection between the physical and the ethereal realms.

The energy of Labradorite facilitates the transformation of intuition into intellectual thought such that one can implement the instructions provided. It assists one to traverse changes, attracting strength and perseverance. It has been known as the matriarch of the subconscious mind, providing instructive sessions to the user concerning the implementation of inner messages in the utilization of the same in the physical demand. It can help provide clarity to the inner sight, instilling a passionless peace of imperturbability via the annihilation of disturbing thoughts.

It also symbolizes the moon and helps one to advance, without restraint, through the cycles of progression, heralding the arrival of ascension. It also symbolizes the sun, providing for vitality and for a sense of “self” during transitions, and promoting refinement of action and discernment in direction.

It unites the personal self with the understanding required to both realize and achieve the destiny of this life, relieving insecurity and apprehension, while enhancing faith and reliance in oneself and the absolute purity of the universal harmony.

It assists one in eliminating aspects of familiarity which obscures thought and blurs instinct, helping one with originality and precision and bringing uniqueness without judgment to one contemplative patterns.

It assists in inspiring one to introduce the teachings of other worlds to this world of love and light, bringing assimilation and illumination to further the advancement of humanity.

Chakra: All
Ray: (Sagittarius) 4th Harmony through Conflict, 5thConcrete Science, 6th Idealism/Devotion (Scorpio) 4th Harmony through Conflict, (Leo) 1st Will or Power, 5th Concrete Science
Planet: (Sagittarius) Jupiter, (Scorpio) Mars, ((Leo) Sun
Element: Wind
Vibrates to the numbers: 6 and 7


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