Baltic Amber earrings


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Baltic Amber earrings in sterling silver

Fossil Resin is the proper terminology for what has commonly been called amber, and is, as the proper name denotes, fossilized resin of botanical origin. The common word amber has numerous other usages, such an orangish-yellow color, a type of ale, a kidnapping alert system, and many, many more. Fossil resin reflects many frequencies of light, including red, green and blue, thus spanning the entire visible spectrum. Archeological findings show that prehistoric humans used fossil resin for ornamentation as far back as 30,000 years ago. Use of fossil resin for jewelry and other decoration constitutes a large industry, and fossil resin is often considered as a gemstone.

Amber is ancient, organic material, such as the sap of pine trees, that is fossilized. The ancient Greek word for Amber is Elektron meaning Sun, and, besides its usual golden color, Amber is known to produce an electric charge when rubbed.
Amber can vary in color from yellow or gold to brown and even red and can be opaque or milky to clear. It is not uncommon for Amber to contain bits of plant, or even animal matter and be as old as 120 million years!
Amber was well known and used for jewelry in Ancient Egypt, Crete and it native Baltic regions.
In Greek mythology, upon hearing of His death, the tears of the sisters of Helios, and ancient Sun god, were tuirned to amber.

Amber creates a very familiar and friendly sense of warmth, well being and energy to its wearer. Probably because it is derived of organic life, much like our own.
Because of these gentle warming energies, and it sense of strength and reassurance, Amber is highly recommended for anyone who is sick or injured, or anyone convalescing after a long illness. It activates the life force and allows one to see one’s path to recovery with a more sunny outlook.
Amber facilitates an interior warm and sunny climate for those who cannot move to a physical one and is great for elderly retirees, or anyone seeking longevity.
Use Amber to help manifest wealth, money and prosperity. Tsavorite, Yellow Sapphire and Moldavite also pair well with Amber for this purpose. In fact, Moldavite and Amber together help spur positive inner transformation that is a prerequisite to manifestations of any sort.