A vision… a quest…. take a canvas, a lump of clay, a raw stone of the Earth

Imagine the image from your mind or an intuition from a dream….

Transform the substance in your hand,,,creation…that is the Journey.

Dee Winkelstern:

Working as a Commercial Artist in my home state of New York gave me great insights into the art field. I was introduced to many varieties of mediums and loved to paint, create and explore new techniques.
It was not until moving to Sedona, Arizona that my boundaries collapsed and a new spectrum of artistic endeavors were built. Spiritual ideas and pathways into healing art and connectivity energies of gemstones were exciting.
I hope you enjoy the Journey with my husband Phil and I,
our hope is that you Expect The Unexpected.

Phil Winkelstern:

I always enjoyed art through high school and college and began working in metal-shop machining because I enjoyed creating with my hands. Living in Texas, I owned an Art and Framing business for over twenty years. Dee and my work seemed like a natural combination, so we decided to take on a move to Sedona, Arizona to pursue a different level of art together. The realm of Metaphysical artwork and spiritually inspired jewelry has opened many fascinating new doors.
We hope that the blend of our personalities continues to draw you into our Journey Through Art!


We enjoy the experience of selecting fine pieces of earth’s geological treasures so much, we have made available a special section for everyone to enjoy the natural art of our planet. Can’t get more “green” than the organic materials provided by Mother Earth and the art the Earth creates by herself. These products need no improvement to have their own beauty. Use for metaphysical or healing work, these natural wonders can be as personalized for you as they are to us!




What could be more fun than to create an impression of time, make it whimsical, make it move. Take time to make the art that makes time. All concepts are on the table, then on your wall. Give us your ideas too; we love to create from all others thoughts and dreams!


Natural raw materials, gemstones and resources of the earth are transformed into wearable art. Each crystal and gemstone is handpicked and designed by Phil and Dee into necklaces, earrings and other ready to wear art. Hand beaded with great skill by Dee, your piece is a unique treasure you will cherish for many years! The combination of stones are hand selected and designed for creative and one of a kind artistic pieces.

Dee’s Jewelry Recipes